AL-Burqa initiated in 2019, is a venture for those who want to remain modest and yet fashionable. Our commitment to change the abaya fashion industry in Pakistan is what makes us competent and honest to our work.
The need to change the conventional abaya styles and cuts in Pakistan is what made us pursue this venture.
What we wear and style, speaks alot about our personality, so why not we wear accordingly. We make articles that speak for itself. Every piece is unique and different for another. What ever your style statement is, we got you covered.
Our vision is to provide top most quality, amazing products and excellent customer service to our clients. There is a small team that works behind AL burqa. It is basically a sisters brand that manage the selection, the purchase, the content creation to the designing and packing area, and a tailor to stitch your abayas and a web designer to manage the website. We all work together to give you the perfect experience.
The love we gained from our clients in last few years is tremendously overwhelming. And also it is a great motivation that lead us to create eye opening pieces every time. We proudly say that all our products are made in Pakistan from a single button to formal fancy abayas.

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